About Verde

Verde is a different kind of cannabis company. We are trailblazers in a new era of highly-cultivated cannabis products. We have maintained our industry stronghold through our unwavering adherence to strict protocols at all levels of our operation and our dedication to continual improvement. The Verde mission is to provide high-quality, safe and legal products to our discerning customers for both recreational and medical needs.

Live the Verde Life

Verde expertly produces high-grade U.S.-grown cannabis products for both medical and personal care. We have exponentially expanded since launching in 2016, while adhering to the core values that we started with: provide comfortable and inviting facilities to offer a generous suite of quality cannabis products to responsible consumers, all while operating with transparency and integrity.

Produced with Principles

In addition to our cannabis products exceeding regulatory standards, they consistently meet the highest expectations -- those of our own. Operating meticulously at every level, from planting to administrative work, legislative efforts to manufacturing, as a cannabis industry pioneer, Verde leads by integrous example.

Quality Products for Discerning Customers

We proudly offer high quality cannabis products for customers that are relaxed in attitude, yet discerning in consumption. Our customers identify with cannabis culture and understand the significant benefits of the plant. Verde is committed to consistently delivering the best products along with our professional guidance and expertise. Allow us to show you what it means to Live the Verde Life.