Verde Announces Enhanced Focus on Strategic Acquisitions in Mature and Emerging Cannabis Markets

(Justin, TEXAS, April 1, 2021) -- Verde USA, LLC announced today that its Board of Directors unanimously voted to expand operations by exploring strategic opportunities in both mature and emerging markets.

“As the cannabis sector continues to grow at an exponential rate, Verde’s Board believes now is the time to enhance the company’s focus on its roll-up expansion strategy, and as such the Board has authorized the pursuit of these opportunities,” said the multi-state company’s CEO, WIlliam D. Merritt.

Strategic acquisitions are not new for the cannabis company. Founded in 2016, Verde’s success stems from identifying both large and small quality cannabis operations. With quick action and due diligence, the privately-owned company has established a vertically-integrated business model through organic growth and strategic acquisitions that spans multiple jurisdictions and now includes several business lines within the cannabis sector, which has resulted in year-on-year growth and profit to date.

Verde’s rapid expansion and astute diversification mirrors the burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry’s growth. In fact, some officials and watchdogs have pointed out Verde does not merely reflect national expansion, but is a driving force behind expansion through consolidation in its own right.

With promising acquisitions and a finger on the pulse of untapped markets and consumers, the Verde Board of Directors is planning its imminent foray into the publicly-traded investment sphere. Today’s unanimous vote underscores the Board’s consistent unity and cooperation as they set their sights on consolidating what it sees as the fragmented sectors of this dynamic market.

Investors are also welcome to inquire and discuss opportunities in this exciting and evolving period of growth, for Verde and the larger U.S. and global cannabis markets.

Established in 2016, Verde USA LLP is a rapidly-growing vertically integrated cannabis company, operating with transparency and integrity and offering a generous suite of quality U.S.-grown and manufactured cannabis products to responsible consumers.